Are back issues and articles available?

We no longer offer for purchase individual issues or articles.

Can I email copies of my electronic issues to others?

Unless you have a specific license allowing multiple distribution, any copying or emailing of complete articles or issues is in violation of copyright laws. Institutional site licenses are available and we will generally grant permission for an occasional reprint use if you contact

Can I reprint articles from a publication?

Because of copyright laws, reprints are not allowed without specific permission, even for internal use. Please refer to the Copyright Clearance Center information in each issue. If you have specific requests for reprints please send the details to Often we can grant an occasional, single permission for education use without charge.

I have a paid print subscription. Can I get access to archives?

Archives are only for subscribers who have active single online subscriptions, or are members of active group online subscriptions. You may switch your print version subscription at no charge and apply the remaining months to a single user online subscription. Email with your request.

Can I make copies of an Online Seminar CD?

Creating copies of CDs and distribution is prohibited by copyright law, even for internal use. A Campus Access License agreement allows your purchasing institution to load a Magna Online Seminar, 20 Minute Mentor, or White Paper onto your institution’s password-protected internal web site for unlimited, convenient, on-demand access to members of your campus community on your campus network.

Can I record a Magna Online Seminar?

No. Copyright law does not permit live recording of a Magna Online Seminar.

Can I relay or “conference in” the Magna Online Seminar to other sites?

Unless the institution has registered for a program that includes unlimited connections, copyright law does not permit registrants to relay our live seminars. If you wish to add connections for a live seminar, please contact Magna Customer Service for ordering options. 

Is it within the copyright guidelines to place a newsletter/white paper/CD on reserve in our library to allow multiple users to access it at different times?

Yes. It is within copyright guidelines to have the newsletter/white paper/CD on reserve in your library. These products can be routed or placed in a central location for others to use. Duplication is not permitted.

Being the purchaser of the product, you need to make it known to others that they cannot duplicate it.