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Magna Learning Center

This extensive digital library of on-demand programs provides teachers with a collection of practical pedagogical topics that address their diverse needs in the classroom.

What Are Three Proven Ways to Manage My Online Discussion Board and Actively Engage Students?

This 20-Minute Mentor provides three areas for teachers to improve with discussion boards: engagement, community, and expertise, and specific strategies for doing so.

How Can Effective Note-taking Improve Online Student Learning?

This 20-Minute Mentor gives practical ideas for educators to guide student note-taking, specifically in the online classroom.

How Can I Maximize the First 10 Minutes of Remote Teaching to Spark Student Engagement?

This 20-Minute Mentor gives practical ideas for engaging students immediately with games, activities, or polls.

Learning from Pandemic Pedagogy: Best Practices for a Quick and Inclusive Transition to Online Teaching

This Magna Online Seminar will assist in pedagogy for course conversion as well as help with inclusive practices that might have been overlooked.

How Do I Infuse Equity into Any Online Class?

This session will explore what it means to teach equitably and identifies five equitable practices that you can incorporate into your online classes.

How Can I Cost-Effectively Use Virtual Reality to Enhance Instruction?

This program explores the ways virtual reality is being used in education today, where teachers can find educational virtual reality content, and more.

How Can I Become a Better Online Instructor?

This program will present five practical strategies to level up online teaching so that instructors create more rewarding learning experiences for their students.

How Can I Guide Online Learning By Engaging with Students?

Gain practical approaches for engaging with online students, fostering connections between students, and for students to better relate to your content.

How Can I Create a Platform for Difficult Conversations in the Online Classroom?

Explore a simple framework to engage in difficult conversations, apply it to applicable scenarios, and gain strategies to have successful resolutions to difficult topics.

How Can I Build Community in My Online Classes?

Discover effective, easy-to-implement techniques to help instill in your online students the cooperation, trust, respect, and enthusiasm that are hallmarks of strong learning communities.

What Three Things Should I Do Each Week to Engage Online Students?

Utilize ready-to-implement ideas for day-to-day interactions that make a real difference in the way your online students engage with your class content.