A Campus Access License allows your purchasing institution to load the content (electronic files, documents, video, pdf) of a Magna Online Seminar CD, Magna 20-Minute Mentor CD, or  Magna White Paper onto your institution’s password-protected internal web site/intranet server for unlimited, convenient, on-demand access to members of your campus community.

All Magna products are copyrighted, so content cannot be publicly accessible on the internet.

The Campus Access License is ideal for:

  • Ongoing group training
  • Individual training
  • Professional development library

The cost for a Campus Access License is:

  • $200 per Magna Online Seminar
  • $100 per Magna 20-Minute Mentor program
  • $100 per Magna White Paper

You may purchase a Campus Access License combined with the Online Seminar, 20 Minute Mentor, or white paper with the initial purchase of the product. You can also contact Magna Customer Service staff at support@magnapubs.com if you have already purchased the program CD & wish to add a Campus Access License.

Upgrade to a Campus Access License

You may purchase a Campus Access License any time after your original product purchase by contacting our Customer Service Department support@magnapubs.com. List the title of the product(s) you will be attaching the Campus Access License to. A license is required for each individual product.

A Campus Access License offers you these advantages:

  • Share a program with faculty and staff who may have missed the live presentation.
  • Refresher for anyone wishing to review the material.
  • The material is always available on-demand. Staff members who have access to your password-protected Intranet can watch from their offices, their homes, mobile – anywhere they have internet access.
  • View a seminar as a group during training sessions, or individually in private offices.
  • Cost-effective training. Using a Campus Access License you can upload the content to your servers to be used repeatedly.
  • A library of professional development materials may be established by category to allow staff members quick access to their desired topic.
  • Use the material as part of a standardized orientation for new staff members.
  • A guarantee that your program will live up to the Magna quality standards.


Copyright laws do not permit the copying or electronic duplication of Magna Online Seminar or Magna 20-Minute Mentor CDs. White paper PDFs may be reprinted for each individual viewer or reader. A Campus Access License is needed to place this file on your servers for multiple local access. 

The terms for adding a Magna Campus Access License are as follows:

  1. Access to the content of this Magna program is limited to faculty, staff, and students of the purchasing institution, delivered in a secure password-protected environment, and may not be distributed in any form outside of the institution’s network or domain.
  2. Users may not distribute content from this program to computers or file servers not affiliated with the campus. Institutions with multiple locations may make the materials available to all locations so long as they are linked through a password protected site. This program may not be uploaded to more than one network server without the express written authorization of Magna Publications.
  3. Magna Publications retains sole ownership of the copyright to the materials in this program. The institution is not authorized to sell or lease rights to any content or materials in the program.
  4. The program must remain in its original form. Users may not alter the content, extract portions of the program, or repurpose in any way.
  5. Pursuant to applicable copyright laws, printed materials contained in this program may be used in the following manner only:
  • Downloaded, saved and printed for personal use
  • Downloaded, printed and distributed in multiple copies for classroom use so long as they are not sold or used for any commercial purpose
  • Placed in selected listings or notices on the campus network to inform others of availability