How does a Group Online Subscription work?

A Group Online Subscription allows individuals from an institution to access newsletters or other content via the Magna web site. To access the campus subscription, users must first create an account on the Magna web site. They also must register one time with the correct Authorization Code. Once completed, users can log in to their account as needed to access the contents of the group subscription.

For more details about Group Online Subscriptions, contact the Customer Service Department

How will the Campus Administrator notify the campus community about the website-based group online subscription?

The Campus Administrator receives detailed sign-up instructions when an institution purchases a group online subscription. They are responsible for distributing the instructions & Authorization Code to subscribers campus-wide. This can be done by email, by posting on an internal intranet, or including in an internal newsletter. You will get the most out of your subscription by disseminating the sign-up instructions at the beginning of each new semester.

I would like to create an account but I don’t know the Authorization Code.

Your on-campus subscription administrator provides this information to you. If you do not know who the subscription administrator is, call Magna Customer Service at 833-860-4999 or 608-246-3590, or email  We can provide the campus administrator information to you. You will need to use the Authorization Code just once, when you first create your account. You then log in to our site using your email address and the password that you created to access the group online subscription.

I have signed up to receive email newsletter update alerts but I am not receiving them.

You need to adjust your newsletter email preferences. Log in to My Account. On the left you will see a “Email Subscriptions” link. Select the newsletter update alerts which you’d like to receive. It may also be possible that these email notifications may be getting caught by a personal or institutional email/spam filter. Please allow for emails coming from to be delivered to your email account to receive our issue updates.

Can we access our group subscription through our campus Learning Management System?

Yes, by using our Magna Campus LMS interface. Campus administrators can learn more by contacting the Customer Service Department.