Can we directly link our Commons subscriptions into our campus learning management system to allow single sign-on?

Yes, you can with our Magna Campus LMS interface. No more having to remember separate usernames and passwords, or navigate away from your LMS platform to get to your Magna subscription-based resources (these include both Magna Commons and Mentor Commons along with newsletter electronic
subscriptions). Contact the Customer Service Department for details.

From an administrative standpoint, are there any reports that I have access to as to the number of views, types of videos accessed, etc?

Contact the Customer Service Department for monthly Commons usage reports.

Do I have the ability to highlight certain seminars within the Commons products to be able to share a link to various staff to allow them to directly view the content?

Yes. You can share the URL of the Commons content page directly with staff who have access to the Commons, either through our Group Online Subscription or our LMS interface. Staff and others who do not have allowed access will not be able to view the link as it is located behind a security wall.

The video won’t display

Our video content delivery systems plays out the video based on the device upon which you are wanting to view it. The video is in Flash format with HTML 5 Fallback which allows playback on every PC or mobile device.

In most instances where you do not see the video, there is either:

  1. A problem with the Adobe Flash software installation on your computer. Please contact your university IT staff to correct this issue on your computer.
  2. A network issue and Flash video is being blocked at your location with a proxy server as part of campus IT network management,security procedures. Please contact your university IT staff to correct this issue.

Can you help me add a filter to our EZ Proxy?

We do not have pre-defined EZ Proxy stanzas for our Commons pages.

Please contact your university IT staff to make changes to their EZ Proxy settings to allow video to display from:

Magna Commons

Mentor Commons

I have a progress bar that shows the video is loading, but nothing loads

This may be a issue in Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 when you are using compatibility mode. In your web browser, right next to the location bar, is a small icon that can be clicked to enable/disable compatibility mode. Make sure it’s not clicked or “enabled”. If it is, un-click it to “disable” compatibility mode. All components of our website work best with the latest version of all internet browsers.