I never received a particular newsletter issue in the mail. What do I do?

Notify us at support@magnapubs.com which newsletter & issue is missing and we’ll promptly send a replacement. Magna Customer Service will send up to three (3) claimed missed issues in a calendar year for active subscriptions.

Is there a combination rate to subscribe to both the electronic and the print versions of a newsletter?

Yes, we offer special rates to receive both the print & online access. Subscription prices for single online access or print are the same. Print version only subscriptions do not include access to the current or archived issues online.

Can I find out if other people on my campus are subscribers to one of the Magna newsletters?

Due to privacy issues we cannot provide that information. We do not discuss transactions with anyone other than the actual subscriber.

You may survey others on your campus or you may ask your purchasing or business office to provide that information.

How can I receive email notifications about new online issue postings for my online newsletter subscription?

Notifications of new issue postings are sent to the subscribers email address at the beginning of each month. To ensure timely delivery of these issue updates, be sure to allow emails coming from “magnapubsemail.com” to be delivered to your email account.