Instant access to Magna Online Seminars and Magna 20-Minute Mentors

Buy any of the on-demand products from the product page and have instant access for one year following purchase.

How it works

  1. Select and order the Magna Online Seminar or 20-Minute Mentor you want to view on-demand
  2. Place your order through the shopping cart
  3. Instantly access the program by going to your My Online Access page (found under My Account in the upper right corner of the page)
  4. Click on the Play button for the program you wish to view. You can also click on the appropriate PDF link to access the Note Taking Guide, Supplmental materials, Transcript, or Certificate of Completion.

On-Demand Products include:

  • Magna Online Seminars
  • Magna 20-Minute Mentors

What do you get?

  • Convenience
  • Instant access for one year through your Magna account
  • Purchase just the programs you want
  • Watch programs online on computers, tablets, and other mobile devices
  • Just-in-time professional development when you need it
  • Choose from a large number of quality programs
  • All supporting materials