What do I need to view the recorded presentation on CD?

The recorded presentation on CD has the same system requirements as viewing a live seminar online. You do not need an internet connection, but you do need a computer with a CD/DVD drive.

Starting in August, 2012, our seminars are recorded into MP4 video files which play on the software your device uses to view video.

Our older seminars are recorded in either Mediasite 5.0.6097 platform which uses the Microsoft Silverlight Plugin in your web browser or Adobe Connect, which uses Adobe Flash Player.

For these older seminars, please use both of the following links to test your computer:

How do I play the Magna Online Seminar on CD?

To play the seminar on CD on a PC:

  1. Insert the CD into your computer CD/DVD drive.
  2. A “start page” will automatically launch in your browser which will contain links to play the presentation and to access the PDF handouts. If not, do step 3.
  3. Open My Computer from your desktop or Start menu. Locate your CD/DVD drive in the list of available drives (usually D: or E:) and double-click on it. This will launch the “start page” in your browser. If not, move to step 4:
  4. Locate the file named “index.html” on the CD and double-click on it. This will launch the “start page” which contains links to play the presentation and access the handouts.

To play the seminar on CD on a Mac:

  1. Insert the CD into your computer CD/DVD drive.
  2. A CD/DVD icon will appear on your desktop. Double-click on the icon to access the CD drive.
  3. On the CD, locate the file “index.html”. Double-click on the file. The file will launch in your web browser.
  4. The “start page” should appear in your browser which contains links to play the presentation and to access the PDF handouts
  5. If you have not already done so, you will be prompted to install the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in when you click to play the presentation.

Mac system requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.4.8 or later
  • Safari 2.0.4 or later or Firefox 3.6 or later
  • Silverlight (viewers are prompted to install this when attempting to view a presentation)
  • Broadband Internet connection (256 Kbps or more)
  • Note: Newer versions of Microsoft Silverlight cannot be installed on Power PC Macs.  Silverlight 1.0 was the only version to be supported on the Power PC platform.

What is the return policy for Magna Online Seminar CDs and related products?

All Magna seminar products have a 30 day, 100% money-back guarantee, starting from the date the product is received.

To expedite a return:

  1. Please obtain a Return Authorization (RA) number by contacting the Customer Service Department
  2. Include the RA number with your returned products.

Products ineligible for return or refund include:

  • Any product not purchased from Magna Publications.
  • Any product that is returned without all original packaging, including binders, CD/DVD cases, and all other items originally included with the product.
  • Any product that exhibits physical damage or is not in re-sellable condition.
  • Any electronic files that were downloaded from our web site.
  • Any Campus Access License agreement.

Can I make copies of a Magna Online Seminar CD?

No. Please respect our copyright.

Due to copyright laws, creating and distributing copies of Magna CDs is strictly prohibited, even for internal use.

If you wish to provide campus-wide access to a product, a Campus Access License agreement allows your institution to load a Magna Online Seminar CD or 20-Minute Mentor CD onto a password-protected internal web site for unlimited, convenient, on-demand access to members of your campus community on your campus network.

If you need additional copies of a specific title,contact customer service at support@magnapubs.com for a reduced rate on additional copies.

Can I place the Magna Online Seminar CD on reserve in my institution’s library?

Yes, it would be within copyright guidelines to have the CD on reserve in your library. The CD, like any of our newsletters or books, can be routed or placed in a central location for others to use. Please respect our copyright. Duplication is not permitted.