Developing Nontraditional Students: What, Why, and How Courtney Plotts, National Chair of the Council For At Risk Student Education and Professional Standards

Full-Day Workshop—Friday, May 29, 2020; 8:30 am–4:30 pm

TPC workshopThis interactive certification workshop explores teaching best practices and strategies for nontraditional student populations that support academic rigor in the classroom. Through small group and individual activities, participants will discover and share various teaching and learning strategies. Upon completion of this workshop, participants will leave with a tool kit of new strategies for working with nontraditional students that benefit both the student and the instructor. Full completion of this workshop will result in a faculty certification from the Council For At Risk Student Education and Professional Standards. Join the more than 5,000 faculty members who have taken part across the country since 2014!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand of the importance of maintaining academic rigor for nontraditional populations
  • Grasp a functional understanding of strategies that can be used in the online or face-to-face setting
  • Understand psychological attributes that inhibit positive attitudes towards academic rigor
  • Identify sample strategies that work with undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral-level learners

Lunch is included with this workshop!


  • Module 1: Best Practices for Nontraditional Student Teaching and Learning
  • Module 2: Action Rubrics: Creating Positive Foundations for Understanding Teacher Feedback
  • Lunch
  • Module 3: Increasing Academic Rigor Through Student Engagement Mapping
  • Module 4: Attendance Management Strategies, Reflection, and Think T.A.N.K.

certificateThis certification workshop will be presented by Dr. Courtney Plotts, a dynamic speaker, author, and professor. Plotts is the National Chair of the Council For At Risk Student Education and Professional Standards, the country’s only organization that provides standards for working with marginalized and nontraditional students in Kindergarten to College. Her role as national chair includes training, consulting, and research. Her subject matter expertise has been used in a variety of book publications, most recently Small Teaching Online by Flower Darby with James M. Lang (published in June 2019). Plotts was recognized in 2017 by the California State Legislature for a bold commitment to change in education.

This is a unique opportunity to participate in this groundbreaking workshop. Seating is limited.

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