How to Improve Academic Lectures with TED Talk Principles: Connect, Convey, Communicate

For teachers who struggle with engaging content delivery, this online seminar gives specific, practical steps to add enthusiasm and excitement to teaching and presentations.


TED Talks have come to represent the pinnacle of effective presentations.

Concise, engaging, and memorable, they are increasingly the yardstick by which speakers, including teachers, are measured. Yet TED Talks are very different than teaching lectures: they are one-time, high-profile, short presentations for an enthusiastic and voluntary audience for which the speaker receives ample practice and professional coaching. Despite these differences, there are principles we can distill from TED Talks that can make ordinary classes and talks more effective. In this Magna Online Seminar, we will watch and analyze snippets from TED Talks and discuss five TED principles that will help make your classes more compelling while still maintaining educational integrity and substance.

Learning Goals

Upon completion of this seminar, you’ll be able to:

  • Make a connection with your audience
  • Establish a clear, consistent through line
  • Apply the 5 Cs of storytelling

Here’s What We’ll Cover

Five elements of TED talks applied to teaching:

  • Idea
  • Through line
  • Connection
  • Story
  • Structure


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